Friday, 30 October 2015

Introducing Holistic Green Beauty Premium Luxury Organic Skincare

New Press Release

Introducing Holistic Green Beauty Premium Luxury Organic Skincare

Holistic Green Beauty is an exciting new British skincare brand that is organic, handcrafted and 100% natural. Born from the passion of two individuals, Holistic Green Beauty’s products have taken three years to develop and use only the finest natural ingredients that are highly potent and effective. The aim was to create a brand that is fresh, pure, 100% natural, luxurious as well as sustainable, helping to support small communities. The range of products is steeped in organic plant extracts, botanicals, antioxidant rich plant oils, essential oils and active anti ageing ingredients. Holistic Green Beauty uses environmentally friendly packaging such as glass and recyclable materials that does not negatively impact the environment. The ultimate aim was to create high quality products that are effective, providing the user with healthy, beautiful and radiant skin.
Holistic Green Beauty’s products do not contain any cheap fillers, chemicals or harmful toxins. Only the purest, raw, cold pressed, organic and wild-crafted ingredients are used wherever possible, creating ultimate anti ageing treatments.
No expense has been spared to create what Holistic Green Beauty believes are the most luxurious, organic and natural products on the market.
Available from 30th October 2015 at

A world first - the Chocolate Cleansing Balm is the ultimate scrumptious, indulgent and luxurious rejuvenating cleanser. This is a unique cleanser and the first of its kind. Rich in organic botanical oils and butters, this balm intensively but gently cleanses the skin, removing daily dirt, grime and light makeup. Exceptionally rich in Mafura Butter, raw organic Cacao ExtractGreen Tea, Açaí Berry and Rosehip oil, this cleanser is packed with potent antioxidantsto help combat impuritiestoxins and free radical damage, protecting against the causes of ageing. Our Chocolate Cleansing Balm helps to balance and regulate the skin’s own oil production, hydrating your skin as you cleanse. Handcrafted with exotic butters and Calendula and Copaiba this cleanser helps to reduce redness and inflammation whilst aiding to heal damaged skin. When emulsified with water the cleanser transforms into a lovely chocolate milk. Remove with the 100% organic muslin cloth provided to lift away dead skin cells and provide gentle exfoliation. After cleansing your skin will be left soft, calm and radiant.
97.55% organic and wild-crafted ingredients

Size: 100ml - £45

The Rose Radiance Toning Mist is a highly advanced anti ageing toner that helps to lift, repair and calm the skin. Refreshing and soothing, this toner is ultra hydrating and potent in vitamin C and antioxidants, helping to reduce the appearance of ageing by promoting collagen production and keeping the skin firm, hydrated and healthy. Infused with Marine Collagen peptidesResveratrol (from Japanese Knotweed extract), organic Pomegranate extract and Hyaluronic Acid, this super elixir delivers the most impressive anti ageing boost for your skin. By containing a special lifting complex, the Rose Radiance Toning Mist works to lift and improve the skin’s structure leaving it lifted and firm. Can be removed with an organic cotton pad or left to absorb into the skin. For the ultimate anti ageing treatment apply the Pink Lotus Cellular Repair Oil or Orchid Cellular Protection Oil to recently toned damp skin.
93.91% organic 
Size: 100ml - £38

The Orchid Cellular Protection Oil is an ultra hydrating anti-ageing skincare oil that enriches the skin with organic botanicals such as Marula, Argan and Ximenia oil. This product helps to lock in moisture, eliminate dehydration lines and combat fine lines and wrinkles by plumping the skin. As well as protective Orchid this exquisite oil contains an impressive array of powerful antioxidants such as organic Green Tea and Buriti oil, which nourish on a cellular level thus promoting cellular healing and protection, acting as a protective shield against free radical and UV damage. Organic Chia seed and Baobab promote skin cell regeneration assisting the skin’s natural ability to heal and repair. Acmella extractstimulates fibroblasts present in the extra-cellular matrix of the skin, thus promoting collagen production resulting in firmer and youthful looking skin.
79.96% organic and wild-crafted ingredients
Size: 20ml - £72

Holistic Green Beauty's most powerful, anti ageing product, the Pink Lotus Cellular Repair Oil is the ultimate skincare must have. Holding the most beautiful aroma, this exquisite lightweight yet intensive facial oil is jam-packed with premium cold pressed organic oils, CO2 extracts and botanicals. Some of nature’s finest ingredients come together to protect the skin from daily stress and pollution whilst helping to heal damage caused by free radicals. 100% natural, this miracle facial oil aims to hydrate, restore elasticity, repair sun damage and reduce fine lines and wrinkles without the need of synthetic ingredients.
Potent in antioxidant rich superfruits Açaí Berries, Goji Berries, Sea Buckthorn and superfoods Green Tea and Pomegranate all help to deeply repair and neutralise DNA damage, delivering anti ageing benefits.
Pink Lotus houses natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help exfoliate the outer layer of skin, encouraging younger cells to rise to the surface.
Vitamin rich and nourishing Avocado, Crambe seed and Sunflower oils soothe and can help to repair the skin’s barrier.
Powerful anti ageing actives Coenzyme Q10 and Acmella Flower Extract help to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, restructure, firm and smooth the skin’s surface, whilst helping to stimulate healthy collagen production.
Soothing and softening essential fatty acid rich Chia Seed, Baobab and Ximenia oils aid in the prevention of wrinkles and restores elasticity whilst promoting cellular regeneration.
Pink Lotus Cellular Repair Oil promotes beautiful skin by working on a cellular level, aiding the skin’s natural skin cell renewal and collagen production processes, providing your skin with a radiant and youthful appearance.
94.38% Organic and wild-crafted ingredients
Size: 20ml - £80

Monday, 20 July 2015


Hi everyone,

It's Danny from Holistic Green Beauty here. My followers may have noticed I have been extremely quiet of late with regards to writing blog posts and in this announcement post I am going to reveal why. 

So here it is...I am very happy and proud to announce that Holistic Green Beauty is changing into an organic skincare brand.

Three years ago, I teamed up with my partner Scott and we have been working extremely hard on creating what we believe are the most amazing natural and organic products available. 

Our products are premium, luxury, 100% natural, organic, raw, highly effective and anti ageing.

Holistic Green Beauty products are to launch in the very near future. 

I would like to thank everybody who has taken the time to follow and read my blog over the years. I would love you to continue with me on this exciting journey and check out our website below. Here you can register your interest in receiving more information on our exciting and special new brand!

Thank you all so much,

Danny and Scott